Friday’s are now known for the charts, both past and present – but rather than run down the past like some nostalgic hedonist, we’re seeking the future, bringing you a ‘track of the week’, each week (we’re good like that), from a multitude of up and coming bands and artists, as well as a few album tracks that have been kept under the radar.

Up this week: ‘There’s A Honey’ – Pale Waves

 As with any new music it feels as though Manchester, at least for us UK lot, seems to be the place to go. This week’s ‘Track of the Week’ is no exception. Signed to the label that has brought us The 1975, newcomers Pale Waves are following in their glistening footsteps.

Whilst ‘There’s A Honey’ is their first single, and there is little to draw comparison to in terms of their sound, the opening for Pale Waves feels assured and gig worthy. Yet to be released (wait till April 21st to get an actual copy), the track is akin to the fuzzy 80s sounds of Matt Healy and co, whilst gives nods to Haim in their flush dance indie-pop likeness.

Stacked with a catchy chorus and a sound that gives voice to the ever teen scene of the eighties movie; riding in soft top cars, wind blowing, sun shining, Molly Ringwald somewhere in the background (you know the drill), ‘There’s A Honey’ is a sure start from the Manchester group.


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