Sabrina Carpenter, though rising fast, is still relatively new to the mainstream audiences, particularly in the UK. She’s another in the line of singers who also check as Disney Channel stars, but for this star at least, it seems her transition into making her own music wasn’t difficult. Carpenter has a very distinctive sound, mostly due to the unique quality of her voice and it’s hard to believe that she’s only 17, given that she already has three albums out. All of them are worth a listen but it’s the most recent one, Evolution that is of most note. Whilst her earlier albums played on the Disney Channel image of youth and sweetness this one definitely has a more mature sound producing music that will appeal to a much wider audience. Released at the end of last year in October 2016, it’s still fairly recent and has the makings of a great album.

‘On Purpose’ is perhaps the most publicised track on the album. It’s upbeat and still a little bit Disney, but has soaring vocals and is undeniably catchy; it’s clear to see why this is the song they chose to promote the most. Whilst it’s a good track (and definitely one you can dance around your room to) there are other songs on the album that are just as good, if not better that deserve a mention. ‘Feels Like Loneliness’ is a mix of jazz (complete with clicking fingers in the background) and dance, particularly as it reaches the chorus and whilst this is a mix that might not always work, Carpenter has managed to pull it off with great success.

The main star of the album though, arguably, is ‘Thumbs’. This is very much a Marmite song; you will love it or you’ll hate it. The track starts with a violin backing track and more clicking fingers but the primary focus is Carpenters vocals (look out for skatting) and the lyrics are undeniably a social critique set to a catchy tune but it doesn’t come across as cheesy or overdone. It’s done with taste and class and is impressive coming from someone quite young and, as with all good songs, you can’t get it out of your head once you’ve listened to it. So, whilst it might not be to some peoples taste, it definitely provides a breath of fresh air in pop music, playing about with a variety of genres to create a new sound and is worth checking out.

Kathryn Cockrill


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