Candidate 1

With the new strategic plan for the next 3 years currently under construction, it is imperative the Executive of 2017/18 buy into this new strategy. I am a student member of the project board tasked with composing this new strategy, thus enabling me to both have the belief in its visions and a head start for understanding how to achieve them.

The rebranding of this role encompasses what LSU is calling “Projects”, the largest of which is LSU Freshers. I’ve been involved in the two previous instalments of this project and have won accolades in the process. If elected I will investigate the possibility of lending halls card readers for move in days and I will make sure those freshers’ who are unable to find a place in halls have the same experience as in hall students, through a better affiliation method.

I’m currently studying for a degree in Maths, giving me many transferrable skills for managing money. In my time at Loughborough I have taken almost every related money-managing student role, earning accreditation and further accolades, only improving my knowledge of the position and it’s remit. This highlights that I have more than the necessary experience for managing student funds excellently and why I am an ideal candidate for this role. You should have confidence in me to get the best out of the money you invest in LSU, and allow me to reinvest this in your Loughborough experience.


Hi, I’m R.O.N and I stand for Re-open nominations. It’s my job to make sure you’re aware of candidate shortcomings. If you don’t feel that the candidates are applicable to the role, have a read of MY manifesto, and vote R.O.N.

It is good to see the candidate focus on the new strategy plan, demonstrated some experience and having an insight to this is a great start. But they do not offer much in the way of practical ideas that could form a part of it.

The manifesto also focuses for a significant portion on a simple and menial part of Freshers’ – halls having access to card readers. With the candidate serving 12 months in office, why focus on a specific element of Freshers’ that is easy to complete and will only be an issue for three days? The manifesto does not discuss the practical implementations the candidate intends to make throughout the year of the role.

The candidate discusses their experience with financial roles within the LSU framework, which is a positive step, however, that they study Maths is somewhat irrelevant – previous sabbatical officers have studied a variety of degrees.

This candidate has failed to state their intentions and views for the role over the coming year and not fulfilled the potential of a manifesto. I have been R.O.N.

To find out who these candidates are, visit on Sunday 26th February at 9pm.


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