Last weekend Loughborough Students’ Volleyball Club’s Men and Women’s first teams took place in the Student Cup finals at UEA. With each team playing 6 games over two days, it was a great yet tiring experience. The men were placed in a very tough pool, but still managed to place 11th out of 16 of the best University teams in the country! The women having not qualified for the finals in 5 years, had a superb weekend playing and winning matches against teams both 1 and 2 divisions above them.

After winning two out of their three games on Saturday, the women qualified for the quarterfinals on Sunday. They had the exciting opportunity to play against Essex, the team at the top of the premier division, and pushing the sets to 26-24 and 25-23! (The most points any team had taken off of them the entire season).

The girls had a very close game with Leads University but unfortunately lost in the third set, only to come back with a vengeance and win their final match against City University of London.

Women’s 1 ended up placing 7th out of the 16 University teams competing, an amazing accomplishment!

The weekend proved to be a great opportunity for the two teams to put Loughborough Volleyball back on the map and we now are optimistic for the future. The performance of both teams has proved that volleyball at Loughborough is fast progressing and we look forward to finishing this season at a high standard.

Natalia Jimenez-Murphy


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