Christmas is a time for festivities, families and love, spending evenings snuggled up with your significant other as you binge watch Christmas films and eat chocolate: or so we thought. However, a survey reported in the Mirror has recently deduced that 11th December is the most popular day of the year for couples breaking up. What is so significant about this date? Well there is no conclusive reasons, although stress caused by the run up to the festive period can be considered a contributing factor. The article also cites not wanting to waste money on your other halves Christmas present, and not wanting to introduce your partner to your crazy family (or vice-versa.)

Breaking up at Christmas time is also a point of interest for BBC Radio One presenter, Greg James, who has created the ‘Relationship Transfer Deadline Day.’ Typically falling around the middle of December, Radio One has stated that this is the last day you can officially break up with your other half. Last year the cut off point was 16th December at 3pm, and the break-up ban was not lifted until 6th January. However, if you’re reading this article hoping you still have time, I’m afraid you’re out of luck. This year the ‘Relationship Transfer Deadline Day’ came early, falling on the 9th December.

According to the Mirror, if you make it past December 11th, you’re probably okay. Most couples who stay together after that date appear to stay together for the remainder of Christmas, although the arrival of Spring brings another bout of break up fever.

Do you think Christmas is a good time to break up? Have you ever dumped someone so that you don’t have to buy them a present? Let us know in the comments. For more weird, interesting or humorous stories, head to the Label website and check out ‘One for the Weekend’!

-Ellie MacKenzie, News Editor 


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