If the you’ve only just gotten over the last brilliant Stage Society show, or your looking for some Christmas musical fun Loughborough Stage Society has yet another treat for you, this time the ever-popular Hairspray, a show about inclusion and equality that warms the heart during the winter months.

The show is likeable and charming right from the off, with lead character Tracy winning the audience over immediately, and then the whole cast joining in for opening number ‘Good Morning Baltimore’ a song funny, catchy song that warms up the crowd for the fast paced, non-stop first act that follows.

In this first number, we also get our first taste of the dance routines that take centre stage in a story that revolves around the inclusiveness of music and dance. The routines invoke the sixties setting of the show and not a single cast member seems to miss a beat as they get faster and faster seemingly every song. Often taking centre stage during this dance scenes is male lead Link, a likeable, smooth talking wannabe Elvis who wins over both the audience and Tracy. Special mention as well to Tracy’s sassy mother, a performance that receives the biggest laughs from the audience with fantastic comic delivery and timing.

Other fantastic performances come from Seaweed, another instantly likeable character that the packed audience were rooting for all night. They effort and commitment given from the cast and crew translated so well to that stage that the audience couldn’t help but be impressed, resulting in a well-deserved standing ovation at the end.

This time of year, a show as warm as and bubbly as Hairspray is just what is needed, and this production boosts the bubbly feels up to 11. With infectious musical numbers, likeable and charming performances and a commitment and enthusiasm from the whole cast that charms the audience immediately if you get a chance to see Hairspray this evening, make sure you take it!

-By Jamie Hutton, Culture Editor


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