Loughborough have done it again! Tonight we have won the award for ‘Best Student Media’ at the Ents Forum Awards, held at Reading University and hosted by Loughborough’s favourite radio DJ, Chris Stark.

I’m sure my Media-based peers will join me in saying congratulations to current VP Media, Bryn Wilkes, on his winning the award, and will be as immensely proud as I am at the news.

Bryn had this to say about the award:

‘I’m delighted that we’ve won this. It’s a privilege to oversee one of the best student media organisations in the country, which happens to share a building with the best in students’ union entertainment. So many of our volunteers started their LSU Media journey by taking photos and video at Stuesday, Hey Ewe and FND, so this is for all of those who took the bold step to pick up a camera for the first time there and those who took the time to teach them.’

This year, we’ve gone strength to strength, and Label showed no signs of slowing down, hosting SPANC and producing 8 editions of Label, plus 3 Exec Elections leaflets. Katie Wilson threw her all into it, and no doubt this contributed towards our nationwide recognition.

But it is not just Label that has contributed towards this award, with LCR having performed brilliantly under Paul Johnston’s tenure as LCR Station Manager, getting a humungous amount of social media engagement and bringing fresh and creative shows to the airwaves (not forgetting our award-nominated Label Bulletins, of course).

Lens have also continued to provide high quality photos, cross-platforming all year and developing a really strong presence across campus and on nights out as a reliable and high quality photography team. Here at Label, we have seen some fantastic style shoots from them, brightening up the magazine no end.

And of course, LSUTV always entertain us with fantastic videos that are often breath-taking, highly amusing and wonderfully creative. Long may it continue!

So with this recent win, I think it is the perfect opportunity for Media to blow its own trumpet a little, and reflect on a fantastic year.

These awards though are about the staff, so lets all say hip hip hooray for Bryn, and reflect on all he has given us over the past year in support, advice, inspiration and, of course, banter. What a great way to end two successful years in office.

NOT FORGETTING Chris Moore, who fresh from winning the staff award at the LEA’s a couple of weeks ago will undoubtedly be proud to be a part of this winning team. His contribution to Media this year has helped all of the above happen, so hip hip hooray for Chris too, what would we all do without you?

To all the volunteers, committee and senate members – it’s been worth it!


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