It’s raining, it’s pouring but Tilting helps exploring.
By now you’ve probably seen their ads on Facebook and Instagram, you’ve heard your friends from Exeter, Durham, American and Australia talking about it and now Tilt is coming to a bubble near you Loughborough.

As a University and Students’ Union that prides itself on offering the best student experience, we’re a little late to the party that is taking universities and colleges both sides of the pond by storm. Tilt.

Tilt is the easiest way to collect money from a group for free. From collecting money for socials, stash, groceries and holidays, Tilt is the social payment app that is revolutionising the way millennials can collect, request/send money.

Why split the bill when you can tilt it?

From humble beginnings in the sunny Silicon Valley, Tilt has taken the US by storm, conquering American fraternities and sororities the company expanded to the UK last summer. With universities such as Exeter and Durham fully converted to Tilt-ism (not a real religion but feel free to start it) it’s no surprise Loughborough’s own Goldrush Cheerleaders are charging ahead with Tilt. In the last academic year Goldrush have already used Tilt to collect money for their national t-shirts, initiations, competition bows, naked calendar and socials! Remember they don’t sweat, Tilt helps them sparkle.

Loughborough’s teams and societies continue to welcome Tilt to our bubble as the former Media & Stash Representative for the Harry Potter & Quidditch Society Charis Edworthy has said ‘I can see why the app would be useful for Quidditch things though, for tournament fees, petrol etc’.

So how does Tilt work?
Tilt allows you to do three things:
Collect/fundraise money – set a title, target and how much each person should pay and share, share, share.
Send/request money – it’s as simple as that
Sell things

Tilt can be done on any scale from paying a friend back to buying birthday presents to selling summer ball tickets/ stash, RAG and sporting events, to organising. Tilt really does allow you to do it all in three simple clicks and you never have to fiddle about with awkward change. Gone are the days of trekking to withdraw money, queuing up in the common room and trying to remember what dessert you and you five friends wanted.

You can download the Tilt app here for free. Tilt is well on its way to becoming the must have app for every student.


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