The X Factor first made its appearance in 2004 becoming a hugely popular, successful TV programme. However, over the last couple of years it has been clear that the show is no longer interested in pure talent and ambition, but more so in comedic qualities it gains from some of the untalented and humorous ‘singers’ which audition.

The show has made a mockery of talent. There has been many occasions when we have sat at home on the edge of our seats, eagerly anticipating the results, only to find out that the singer that should have gone home has only been saved by the judges due to their performances being ‘entertaining’. As an audience member you can’t help but sympathise with the opponent knowing they have been voted off because of someone with less talent. This show knocks the self confidence of those who actually have talent rather than inspire and help these people succeed. No wonder the show has been accused of having ‘lower than usual viewing figures,’ even Dermot O’Leary backed up the opinion that the show needed an overhaul!

Not to mention that in 2009 The X Factor lost the number one place in the charts to Rage Against the Machine. It didn’t help that again in 2015, the youngest ever winner of the X Factor, Louisa Johnson, had only reached number 9 at Christmas. It isn’t looking very good for Mr Cowell. Apparently ITV has also changed the show’s contract to only existing year by year, making it easier for the show to be axed. Rumour also has it that The Voice will transfer from the BBC to ITV in 2017 when their contract is up. Keeping in mind this information, we can only assume that The Voice will be handed a schedule slot through the removing of The X Factor. Who would want two similar programmes on at around the same time on the same channel? If this is not enough evidence to show Simon Cowell the show is failing then I don’t know what is. It is time for the show to be scrapped from TV and instead, give way for something that will actually provide us with something worthwhile to watch.

Abbey Gardner


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