It’s the middle of February and it is safe to say New Year Resolutions are a thing of the past, Ashleigh Tucker discusses some of the resolutions we have all forgotten about.

The start of the new year bought many people saying the typical “new year, new me” line. Throughout the beginning of January, I saw never ending tweets and status’ about dry January, losing weight, spending less money and just being an all round better person. Most new year resolutions are forgotten about as quick as the year started but there’s no harm in giving it a go.

Like everyone else, I similarly decided that I was going to get fitter this year. After going for a couple of runs, my motivation became almost non-existent. It always sounds a lot more appealing to sit and watch your favourite series on Netflix than going for a run in the cold weather.

For students, the thought of not going out and drinking for a whole month sends shivers down their spine. Although exams were in favour of dry January, as people started to finish their exams their plans for dry January disappeared with them. As February means the time for refreshers, I really don’t believe that dry February is going to make a comeback any time soon.

New year resolutions don’t all have to be left behind in January. If you want to make a change then sometimes it’s easier to do it gradually. If you want to eat healthier, don’t cut out everything you enjoy completely and try a new recipe each week. If you want to spend less, it can be as easy as not having that Papa Si’s when you go out and budgeting. If you want to get into shape, try and go to one or two fitness classes a week.

There’s always next year, right?

Ashleigh Tucker


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