We all know that anger can sometimes get the better of us, whether it be because you’ve done badly on an exam, are stuck in a really long traffic jam, or someone has just pushed in at the bar. Whatever the reason, we’ve all been there. However, one Buddhist monk took this to the extreme when he accidently broke the rules of his religion.

Buddhism is typically a very peaceful religion, promoting kindness and safety to all living things. Julian Glew has been a Buddhist monk for many years and has spent the last twenty living a solitary lifestyle in the woods. It was here that he accidently killed an insect, transgressing the rules of Buddhism. In a fit of rage, Glew took to the streets of Pocklington (a town in East Yorkshire) and proceeded to slash the tyres of 162 cars, causing around £20,000 worth of damage. The slashing spree took place over the course of two evenings, and was Glew’s answer to expressing his rage without injuring anymore living creatures.

The hardened criminal earned himself 11 weeks in prison and an insightful comment from the judge, who stated that perhaps this fit of rage did not reflect the actions “of a person who lives for a peaceful co-existence.”

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