Love is in the air, overpriced roses adorn the aisles of supermarkets, copious amounts of chocolate are on sale and Livv Ferris considers whether Valentine’s Day is truly a romantic holiday or a commercial money making scam.


February 14th has been an important date in the calendar for many people since the 5th century. As a female who has been in a relationship for over two and a half years, I suppose I should be writing about the positives of this day, which is recognised by numerous countries worldwide. However, I find the cost, expectation and cheesiness of the entire concept quite embarrassing – why would you choose to show emotion towards your loved one on one day only? Why spend a ridiculous amount of money just to pretend your relationship is perfect?

In my opinion, the day is just a money making scam. Businesses worldwide increase prices of corny cards, crappy chocolates and shoddy flowers just to temporarily please needy women. The queue outside Pandora becomes ridiculous in the build up to this day, but what for? For girls to post photos on Instagram with the caption ‘lucky girl’. This only reminds the single females of their loneliness – such a great feeling eh?


Why couples believe that a few over the top gestures proves their love for one another is beyond me. My parents have been together for over twenty years and their love for each other couldn’t be any stronger – yet they don’t shower each other with unnecessary objects on this ludicrous excuse of a day. If you love someone, you should tell them every single day right? Or at least remind them of their importance in some way or another. Actions speak a lot louder than a few poncy words in a card – CRINGE!!

I suppose one major benefit of this day is sex. Good sex. According to SKYN Condoms, 73% of 18-34 year olds (including singles) get feisty in the bedroom department. However, this raises expectations once more. Why add unnecessary stress and anxiety over whether you will ‘perform’ well enough on the night – shouldn’t sex with your partner be spontaneous throughout the year?

Overall, I guess you could say I’m the Valentine’s equivalent of Scrooge. Don’t get me wrong it is lovely to be taken out for a meal and spoiled – but a meaningful and equal relationship would do this regularly anyway, not just on February 14th.

Livv Ferris


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