Abbey Gardner imparts some wisdom for the last minute lovers out there with her top five ways to spend Valentine’s Day.

It’s that romantic time of the year where we exchange anonymous cards, cute gifts and tell one another how much we love them. Yes, you’ve guessed it, its Valentine’s Day this Sunday. Well Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone and like most people I too agree that it is overrated. However, that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it, it isn’t just for people in relationships! So Single Pringles keep on reading too! If you are struggling for ideas on how to spend your Valentine’s Day then look no further because we have the perfect day in store for you.

Cheeky Night In

Spend your Valentine’s Day by cooking your loved one a romantic meal. You could prepare a beautiful dish home made or you could cheat a little and take a trip to M&S and buy their perfect Dine in for Two Meal deal for £20. It includes a starter, main, side dish, desert, wine and a box of chocolates of your choice. If you’re looking for a real chilled evening in, then scrap the cooking and call for a takeaway. Who doesn’t love a pizza or an Indian? After a delicious meal, pop on a film. Netflix is always a good shout or you could revert to the old fashioned way and play a DVD. A rom com would seem an appropriate decision for the night so look for films such as, Along Came Polly, Crazy Stupid Love or But who says you have to stick with the stereotype? You may feel brave enough to endure a thriller or horror. A cheeky night in is perfect for those on a low budget who would prefer a quiet but romantic night. Who knows where the evening will take you.

Dinner Date

Dine out with your romance this Sunday. I would probably suggest picking a restaurant you know and like the food of. No one would want to experience that embarrassing moment in Hitch where Will Smith’s face explodes due to having an allergic reaction to the restaurant’s food. If you’re feeling adventurous and know you can handle the spice then maybe seek for a restaurant you haven’t been to. It’s definitely a clever decision if you’re on a first date and don’t want anyone you know to see you. A dinner date is ideal for those who would prefer someone else to cook for them, leaving the dinner mess behind. It can also be a quick get away for those on a first date who have made a terrible decision of saying ‘yes, a meal on Valentine’s Day would be lovely’.

Party the Night Away

Forget the fancy meals and relaxing films and put on your favourite party dress or suit this weekend and dance the night away. Guys and Girls think glitz and glamour, this is a night where you want to dress to impress. You never know who you might meet on this romantic night out. A brilliant option for couples who love to dance and party and also for those Single Pringles who enjoy a good night out with their friends.

Take a Trip

Explore the beautiful sights of another city. Get away from your local hometown and book a trip to one of the most romantic places…London. Be sure to ride the London Eye, row on Hyde Park’s Serpentine and take a slow walk on Southbank or in Little Venice. If you’d prefer to stay away from the busy city, why not look into the Lake District or even travel abroad to Rome: the city of love. You could even plan on doing something different and endure an adrenaline rush by sky diving or tobogganing.

Book onto a Theatre or Comedy Show

Laugh the night away by booking to see a comedy show which will sure have you rolling off your seats. If you’d prefer a more traditional theatrical experience then look to book a ticket for Miss Saigon, Mamma Mia, Billy Elliot or the Phantom of the Opera. Make your Valentine’s Night one to remember. Great for couples and friends.

Remember Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about materialised gifts or flashing the cash. So whatever you have planned for your romantic someone its the thought that counts. Don’t forget, Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples so enjoy it with your friends and the people you love!

Abbey Gardner


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