Have you heard rumours about Exec Elections 2016?Test

Think you know who might be running? Let us know what you’ve heard by emailing LabelEditor@lsu.co.uk.

Your name will be kept anonymous if we’re contacted via email, social media rumours also welcome, the funnier and more interesting the rumours the better! Keep scrolling for new rumours, updating regularly!

Friday updates!

13:30: The first rumours are in! Apparently, Sport candidates include: James Rowe, Jack Mynott and current VP: Sport, Luke Thomson. A new Twitter rumour (15:49) suggests that Cory Price is also running. (17:15) We have another sport rumour, Elliot Owen might be running too!

We have heard that Dan “leading the union forward” Leedham could be running for Union Pres. Only time will tell…

15:30: “Rumour has it” that Jonny King is looking to be your Rag representative next year.

We’ve also heard that Jennifer Taylor could be running for Media. (Later information suggests she’s actually up for Union Pres…who knows?)

Could Matthew Gill be Max Crawford’s successor as your next Union Affairs Exec member?

15:45: We have some rumours in from social media! Union President candidate rumours also include Andrew Stainthorpe, Axelle Savary and Jonathan Ako, slight controversy already appears on YikYak according to this screenshot!

16:00: and we have yet another rumour, this time about the College position! Apparently Nathan Flynn is running..?

16:44: News on the street is that Label’s Alex Jones is running for Union Pres under “Alex ‘me and Mrs’ Jones”…

17:22: Apparently, Phil Jenkins (ex- VP: Action) has been spotted in the union offices, rumour has it he’s considering rerunning for Action. Could be causing a lot of tension as Rosie Harvey (current VP: Action) is also considering rerunning.

19:50: We’ve heard that candidates for Welfare and Diversity could include Charlie Dale and Nuzhat Fatima!

21:51: Martin So could be running for Education (as well as being deemed good boyfriend material on Yik Yak)!!!

Saturday updates!

01:00: Maybe James Rowe isn’t running for Sport, or is he ambitious and taking on two roles? We’ve heard he’s actually running for Finance!

01:41: Label have heard that James Mather will be running for Union President in the upcoming elections…

12:00: Could Till Sieberth have another go and be back to run for Union President?

13:00: Is Andrew Long running for Action? Maybe so!

16:00: Charl Bray is apparently running for Action, “leaving her beloved job for a few weeks, sad times”, enjoyed this rumour!  We may have another candidate for Union Pres in Alice Turner as well…?

Sunday updates!

11:00: We have another Action rumour! Anna Milewska could be running (this could be a very well contested position at this rate)!

13:00: Melissa Langan might be running for Finance, and we also have our first Societies rumours! Could Joe Ross-Nelson (current Community Development Officer on Exec) and Esther Malkinson be running?

19:00: Is Kushal Shah running for Union Affairs? Only time will tell!

*Nominations are now closed, official names of candidates will be released within the next week!*

Think these are false? Let us know what you’ve heard!

Label will endeavour to update rumours as soon as possible upon being given the “news”. So, why wait? Let’s get everyone talking about who’s running for your 2016 Executive!

The official launch of the Exec Elections is on February 21st in the Piazza, with LSU Media providing all you need to know about each candidate on execelections.lsu.co.uk very soon!


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