“… if done on private property.” writes Roosh V in his blog February last year (Roosh V, 2015). Just about one year later on February 6th, 2016, he organises all heterosexual male international meet-ups in cities all around the world. Putting these two things together reminds me of the reports of last New Years Eve in Cologne, Germany, where men sexually assaulted women.

Who is the guy who is planning to make rape legal? He is an American pick-up artist living in Poland, writes for several blogs and author of several books, most of which are named “Bang” followed mostly by the names of eastern European countries, but also other nations around the world. In these books he does describes how to pick up women. I did not read any of his books and I am not interested in buying them, but based on several websites and also BBC documentaries he does not stop with describing how to pick up women, but gives a deeper insight in, how he thinks, it is acceptable to have sex with women (BBC, 2015). I do not like to cite him here as he clearly describes rape. I am worried to think that a man, who sees women as objects free to “use” for his own pleasure, is organising meetings around the world. Sure, free speech is a legal right for everybody, but maybe some things should be better discussed with a therapist, not with like minded people.

The locations for these “tribal meetings” were published (Roosh V, 2016a)

Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Shrewsbury¬†but due to strong protests the meetings are now happening in hidden locations (Roosh V, 2016b). So it can happen anywhere. I am sure the police has their eyes pealed to prevent any bad things from happening, especially after what happened in Cologne, but be careful if you are out there showing your protest against this madness. Attending LSU’s Consent Week might be a first good step.

Till Sieberth


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