Loughborough Students’ Union’s first ever Stashion show is about to begin. Label online will keep you updated with all the latest trends and events.

The show has begun with a performance from Loughborough’s very own AU Dance. They performed a breathtaking performance to start the show!

First up are Bakewell! Their theme is tinder – ‘I’d definitely swipe right’

Next up are Elvyn with a simplistic black and white sweater.

The Holt have designed a simple emoji top featuring the iconic stag horns.

The halls are now displaying their own unique Loughborough designs!

Some more entertainment now from Tzarina singing  ‘A thousand miles’ to continue the show.

Tzarina smashed it! Now time for some more stashion…

Bill mo, Falk egg and Rutherford take centre stage!

LSU Global are now presenting cultured fashion from different ten countries to music from AlunaGeroge. A variety of extravagant outfits glide up and down the catwalk. Label’s very own Michael Obire makes his catwalk debut in a suave suit.

The 1990s are up next!

Cayley, Faraday and Towers are walking the catwalk next.

‘What are those?!’ Cayley wear their very own converse creation!

Tower’s very own JT walks the catwalk eating her favourite chinese dish whilst kitted out in their very own play with pride top.

The next performance is about to start with Tom Alderman singing an 80s medley. Equipped with an acoustic guitar, Tom incorporates an array of hits from the 80s into his very own masterpiece.

Now time for the 1980s with Butler Court, Harry French and Rigg-Rut.

The 1980s show features cassettes, rubik cubes and bright white socks! Oh, and some ‘VHS and Chill’ from Harry French.

We’re heading into the 1970s now! Tom Alderman heads back to the stage with a performance of ‘American pie’

Telford and DC are up next with their 1970s attire.

Telford’s attire features a cheeky model that leaves the audience speechless to say the least!

DC features some Loughborough plaid PJs that leaves the model feeling sleepy mid-catwalk.

The finale of the show features some bargain items from all of the halls that are currently on offer at the LSU.

That’s a wrap! Just a reminder that you can buy all of the hall’s stash at the event now and remember to dig deep! Massive congratulations to Martin So for all his hard work and effort, the show has been a massive success!


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