You may have noticed, particularly if you’re an avid LSU volunteer of some description, that this week the Exec had seemingly disappeared. From Thursday 7th January until Saturday 9th, the Exec are away on their Mid-Term review.

Were you aware that they were disappearing and not around to answer your #morethanyourcourse needs? Whilst they’re off having the time of their life (maybe, I can’t vouch for that), we’re here studying and managing our extra curricular duties.

You may have seen the endless tweets about the Exec planning their next few months in office, a particularly appropriate time to share their targets with Exec Elections coming up… However, will we get to see the full reports from these reviews? Label are keen to find out how much these team building and review trips cost the union, and whether they’re really worth it. At times, review days are held in the stadium on campus, and our executive representatives are slightly more available to answer our questions- with automatic email replies often still turned on. Whilst the exam and coursework period may seem like a good time to go away on review with students less likely to be around the union, perhaps a better time would have been the extra week that the Exec were working at the end of term before Christmas.

With our elected representatives being #alwaysonyourside, maybe some of us needed them whilst we’re planning ahead (and juggling other things) around this time..?

If this has affected you, maybe with or without warning this week, comment below or tweet us @LabelOnline


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