The entry into the Clothes Show 2015 entitled guests to a fashion show featuring a high-street segment, entertainment from singer Charli XCX and a designer catwalk show called ‘Empires’.

The show was hosted by Alice Levine in the ALCATEL Fashion Theatre in association with Capital FM. The start of the show involved a large amount of audience participation and hysteric middle aged women screaming over a half naked model called Paris (Even his abs had abs). Once the screaming had calmed down the first section of the show began featuring the four key trends of the season: glam rock, embellishment, dark romance and metallic.

The clothes featured in the high street segment were available from New Look, River Island, Oasis and designers at Debenhams. I was thoroughly impressed by the segment as it gave the audience affordable and attainable looks for the current season!

After a short performance from Charli XCX, the main show ‘Empires’ began. The show was a beautiful and creative interpretation of fashion and at times rather bizarre and comical. There were seven segments to the show: dark, earth, underwater, rebel, red, future and pure. Each segment began with a slow, contemporary introduction that was engaging and impressive to say the very least.

The models were energetic and seemed to be loving the stage, adding a relaxed feel to the show that you don’t always expect from catwalks! The models were smiling, laughing and encouraging audience participation. But I must say, a personal highlight was during the future segment where a storm trooper entered the stage and began dancing to ‘Watch me’ by Silentó.


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