Last week I wrote an article criticizing Regulation in its current form, highlighting the fact that Reg XIX focuses on Hall Committee members, overlooking Fresher Helpers and other members of the hall. I also brought up the fact that currently there are no regulations controlling the actions of Sports Clubs, Societies and other student lead activities. At the end of my previous article I noted that Jess Excell was in discussions with Manuel Alonso, potentially looking at re-writing Reg XIX to clarify and extend the regulation- possibly to cover fresher helpers and the goings on of Sports Clubs, Societies and other student-led activities.

These concerns with Regulation XIX were brought to the Exec and at Student Forum this week (17th November). VP: Finance and Commercial Services, James Bowker, presented the a brief outline of the proposed changes, you can also find out more in James’s video here. Discussions between Jess Excell, Union President, James Bowker and Manuel Alonso, Director of Student Services, are looking into the implementation of a policy that covers all student-led groups. Proposed changes set out to clarify Regulation XIX so that “students understand that regardless of not being hall committee it still applies to all sports teams, societies etc”.

It was also announced that Hall Chairs, AU Club Chairs and Society Chairs would be involved in the re-writing of Reg XIX and the extension of the regulation to cover all student-led groups. This is to be done to ensure that the entire student body is behind the Exec on re-writing Regulation XIX and to ensure that the right regulation is there so that on-coming committee members understand the regulation to use it for their benefit. Once these discussions have happened a new regulation will be produced.

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