In a meeting Joint with LSUTV and streams to all NaSTA stations, Peter Weitzel Hon sec SMPTE UK Section and Ian Fletcher CTO Digital Media & Workflows at Grass Valley talk about the current trends on media technology and what was seen and head at the recent International Broadcasting Convention. This major event with over 1500 exhibitors and the four day IBC2015 Conference: The Future of Media in an Age of Disruption set the themes that shape our industries.

Peter and Ian will give their view from IBC – and then open to Questions and Discussion about the way that the media and its technologies are going. There are many topics – UHD and what aspects have been standardised – and thus what equipment is available, the use of IP in broadcast systems infrastructure for both Files and streams – such as ST 2022 and the extensions to carriage of elemental streams of video audio and metadata. We can cover anything from the new lenses through the whole broadcasting chain to delivery through the aired or over IP/internet

IBC is an unrivaled global destination for discussion and debate about the many different challenges facing the electronic media and entertainment industry, both in its sessions and in the range of networking opportunities it affords. SMPTE is one of the partners of IBC – and gives much support to the Rising Stars program for those starting in our industries.

The aim of the meeting is to give SMPTE members in the Midlands and in Student television, and those interested in the technology craft and business of Television and the wider electronic Media to find out what are the hot topics, opportunities and future directions in media technology for the industry and their careers.

NaSTA is the association which links All the Student television stations in the UK – some forty groups who produce Television typically from students who are not studying media topics.

Peter Weitzel has had a distinguished career in the Projects and technology strategy areas with the BBC and Siemens (Was BBC technology) He has attended IBC for 40 years – as a visitor to the exhibition & exhibitor, speaker & attendee at Conference- and in the 1990s edited the BBC Engineering report on IBC

His career has covered the design and build of TV Studio and OB vehicles, Central systems and worldwide telecom links for the BBC and Audio over IP over Satellite for NPR in the USA and Reports on how to move to digital studios and digital emission for the South African Broadcasting Corporation. He is the major author for standards in Teletext and DVB subtitles and of the world’s first open standard EPG.

For the past three year ahead has been the hon Secretary of the newly formed SMPTE UK Section organising all its activities. He is also the SMPTE Membership Director for International sections

Ian Started his career in BBC radio and then owned and operated mobile audio truck which then expanded in to TV
With the release of the BBC Micro started to develop software for use in TV – which grew into OmniBus systems
who pioneered the use of computer control systems and playout running some of the worlds biggest broadcasters including the BBC

OmniBus was acquired by Miranda and then subsequently merged with Grass Valley to make 1/2 billion dollar broadcast equipment business

Ian is joint CTO of Grass Valley responsible for all the software products and systems.


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