Everyone ends up with clutter, especially when they’re fleeing the nest and starting university. Lots of things can get left behind at home, and a lot of that useless stuff is chucked out – and wasted. eSolidar is an innovative platform which can put your old stuff to great use and donate to a home in need.

eSolidar is an online platform which enables people to donate to many charities. It’s essentially a free, online marketplace which also links people up with charities and enables them to to volunteer. You can shop, sell and donate your stuff and what’s best is that it’s all going towards fantastic causes, plus, you can choose directly which charity you want to donate to.

Courtesy of www.esolidar.com
Courtesy of www.esolidar.com

Ella Stanbrook, spokesperson for the platform, tells Label how eSolidar has had a worldwide impact: “eSolidar is already successful in countries such as Brazil and Portugal, and has run partnerships with festivals, such as Rock in Rio, where Elton John generously donated an autographed keyboard.”

She continues, “students can get rid of unwanted items, make money from it and also donate to charity; it’s like eBay, but with a charitable twist. People are able to make exciting bids, named ‘Auctions for Good’. These are run in partnership with celebrities and festivals, and the winning bidder receives a once in a lifetime experience or exclusive item, with the charity receiving vital funds, too.

“eSolidar is a way in which charities can win back public trust following the ongoing fundraising scandal regarding ‘chugging’: the site actively promotes and facilitates fundraising in a no pressure environment. This is in line with the vision of Marco Barbosa eSolidar’s CEO, to change the way people connect with and donate to charities in the UK.”

So, the next time you find some stuff which is just gathering dust, head to https://www.esolidar.com/ to set up your own means of fundraising for great causes throughout the UK!


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