The Loughborough SU ensured hundreds of students had a good morning on Saturday by delivering 300 free bacon butties as part of a ‘Better Decisions’ weekend, following the Better Decisions FND which included chlamydia tests, complimentary condoms and free goodies for revellers. The campaign is intended to make students think about the impact they have on themselves and others during nights out, and encourages them to make the ‘better decision’. 6726292063_8d92f88070_bThe butties, delivered directly to the door of students living in the Golden Triangle with the help of Club Mission, were enthusiastically received, with multiple students sharing their appreciation via Twitter, although Eve thought that the LSU needed to brush up on their bread knowledge, tweeting:

‘Think @LoughboroughSU need a bread classification lesson. Thanks for my bacon COB, still made my morning’!

Whether they should be called butties or cobs, the LSU will be pleased to be able to spread their message of the importance of making ‘better decisions’ during nights out to hundreds of students, in a fun, memorable, and frankly delicious way!

Students living in Radmoor House or Kingfisher Halls can look forward to their own bacon buttie wakeup call very soon, as they will be the next to be on the receiving end of the LSU delivery service.

Rob Godmon


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