For several years now, (and a couple since that song went viral), LSU Exec have put their rewording skills to the test, and this year have done so by reinventing Cee-Lo Green’s Forget You.

In a joyous celebration of Loughborough Students Union, the song expresses all the opportunities it provides students with to get more than just a degree out of their university experience. The catchy tune shines a light on absolutely everything on offer from societies, sport and volunteering to LSU Media and nights out. The surprisingly well-written and memorable lyrics emphasise the friendly and uplifting environment provided by LSU, which is sure to get people involved. The music video, introduced by none other than Radio 1’s long-standing LSU exec song fans, Scott Mills and Chris Stark, is filled with the perfect balance of hilarious dance moves and creative camera skills which when combined with the song shows everyone just what LSU is all about: building your skills-set and having fun whilst doing so.

Despite only having about three okay-ish singers in the bunch each year, the LSU Exec song is most definitely growing to be a highly anticipated tradition of Loughborough University and highlights just what everyone wants their university experience to be filled with: acceptance, welcoming, learning and laughter (and that alumni bit!).

Job well done guys!

Watch the new song and video here!

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