The Sing Off has grown itself a reputation for being loud, ‘laddy’ and notorious. On the surface, it seems to be a just a testosterone-filled battle between the halls to see who is the best, but there’s clearly more to it than that.

Bill Mo win sing off
Bill Mo- winners of The Sing Off 2015. Photo by Ushandan Kirupalaratnam

Although it seems to do the opposite, The Sing Off essentially builds relationships. With its main goal being crowning the loudest hall with the best performance, it creates healthy competition and allows everyone on campus to interact with each other, which is hugely important for a university where the facilities are all in one place.

Not only does it work to bring together all halls over campus, but especially flat mates living in those halls. Before the Sing Off is even staged, there are plenty of practices where each hall meets to learn the chants. This is where they also get to know their fellow block, flat mates, committee and everyone living in their on-campus community – sober! With such a huge group project like this, and indeed a huge Loughborough tradition, it is ultimately designed to unite all students in what could be their most vulnerable time yet; away from home for the first time.

Though there’s always the controversy which comes with the event. One of the Sing Off’s chief characteristics is its somewhat misogynistic linguistic choices, shall we say. At the end of the day, it’s all for a bit of harmless fun, and is designed to simply create and build an atmosphere. Who would be jumping, screaming and going crazy about salads anyway? Sometimes, fair enough, it can be taken over the top, but with the rules implemented at the beginning of the Sing Off, everyone knows the consequences should they decide to cause trouble, anyway.

The Sing Off is something that you just have to tick off your university bucket list. You contribute to your hall’s history, and imagine if you won?! For most people, it is a night they will never forget (or never remember, depending on how much Frosty Jack’s was consumed that night). Waking up the morning after with a rusty voicebox, a banging head, but knowing you’ve given it your all for your hall – you just know it was all worth it.

Check out Label Magazine, out on October 12th, to read interviews with some of the Hall Chairs concerning their involvement in the evening. For further Sing Off coverage from Label, check out the commentary article and the critical article too! 


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