With a refusal to stop singing and over the over the top behavior of self-proclaimed rowdy hall Falkner Eggington has been slammed by the LSU Exec and other Hall committees alike.

For as long as many have a memory of Loughborough University, they have memories of their Freshers Sing Off. Some battle hard to be elected on hall committees or as fresher helpers just to be involved for a second time around.

Memories in recent years have been marred by Falk Egg’s rowdiness and a refusal to play by the rules. This year has been no different. Halls in the first heat of 2015’s Sing Off claimed that Falk Egg were worse than any year before. Other hall chairs described the behavior as simply not funny and there is a general consensus that Falk Egg, although aiming to ‘just have a laugh’ are ruining the incredible Sing Off spectacle for everyone else.

Falk Egg continued singing long after told to stop, leaving the Exec standing on the stage before they exited and required staff members orchestrating the Sing Off to intervene, ejecting Falk Egg from the heat. Instant disqualification no doubt.

With calls for an instant ban for future years students commented that a simple disqualification with no further action would be ‘fair, and hopefully it teaches them a lesson’. A lesson clearly not learned from the past 3+ years. The Exec’s ability to control halls such as Falk Egg has been stretched in recent years. Tonight Jess Excell’s ability to lead her Exec team within the environment of hall/LSU relationships, that rightly keeps responsibility of halls and LSU separate, has been called upon. Not for the last time this year.

Should the LSU Exec be or should they simply bow to this sort of behaviour?

Edit: References to a former Falk Egg hall chair have been removed for clarity.


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