This Sunday, 27th September sees The Sing Off grace Room One. Heat One will bring Faraday, Telford, Falk Egg, Harry French and The Holt; followed closely by Elvyn, Rigg Rutt, Rutherford, Towers, DC in Heat Two. Finally, there’ll be Bill Mo, Royce, Bakewell, Cayley and Butler Court in the Heat Three. The top two halls from each heat will reach the final. It’s set to be an epic night! *Keep scrolling for your winners*


Heat One

Room One is slowly filling up ready for the first heat, about half full now! 20:20 and hopefully we’ll get going soon!

Looks as if Falk Egg may face disqualification, they have water pistols! the chanting has started already!! Heating up in here!

Currently playing the opening montage- eerie and LOUD beyond words!!! These Freshers are getting very excited now as the Executive take the stage in Room One! Jess Excell is now welcoming the halls to The Sing Off…

RULES: No throwing, no hitting anyone and no chanting during other halls’ performances!

Exec sing off

THE HOLT: representative taking to the stage and about to chant for their two minutes! Check out more on their chants in our other article live now! The Holt are certainly loud and their representative is a confident chap painted in purple! Tonnes of booing from other halls as The Holt complete their set- HARRY FRENCH up next! A slightly quiet start it seems….arms in the air, this is almost tuneful actually. Stamping and clapping included, HF’s rep is painted orange- dedication! There’s carrier bags in the air…interesting choice of prop!

FALK EGG up next- their rep is in a cape, what a superhero! Girls and boys appear to be separate, some high and low pitched separate chants! Falk Egg don’t just chant, they also clap their legs and stamp in between! They also have masks on their heads and the end of their chant sees them on the floor. MAJOR THROWING THINGS AROUND and the water pistols are in use….Good luck on staying in Falk Egg…THEIR REP has been taken off stage by bouncers!!!!! This is well above two minutes now, inevitable disqualification and the Exec are struggling to stop them! Bouncers are ushering them back, looking a tad squashed, loud music being played to drown them out and THEY’RE STILL CHANTING! Exec now leaving the stage…Falk Egg are leaving. *More here*

Big gap in Room One now and cheers for the bouncers…Exec are coming back!

Everyone can have a bit of breathing space now!!

FARADAY are next and they’re cheering VERY loudly as their representative takes to the stage! Will they stick to the rules? They have flags and are chanting rather rowdily! Chants about IMS now…some of their classic chants as well! Their hall chair is painted orange too! Quietened down much faster than Falk Egg, but I guess that’s not difficult…

TELFORD taking on a Lion King theme, starting quietly but certainly not remaining that way! The art work on their reps body is nothing other than incredible, and what a headdress! As last years winners, they’re the ones to watch! Girls and boys have separate parts of the chants in parts. Stamps, arms in the air and they’re louder than ever at the end, brought to a very abrupt end!

Loughborough Walks on Water to end Heat One…

Elvyn Richards

Hustle and bustle as halls leave Room One…winners announced soon!

Heat Two

Towers have arrived first followed by DC. Elvyn Richards are literally moving (a) house! Rutherford and Rigg Rut have arrived, and many selfies from the stage are being taken!

Opening Montage rolls again, Exec will be here soon! Massive cheers from the halls- SO noisy in here right now!

TOWERS about to kick off proceedings as their Hall Chair takes to the stage. So loud I’m not sure what they’re saying, these are not just chants, they’re actually singing! This is a wonderful headdress and Towers love waving their arms around, finishing with what can only be described as a stampede!

DC  have a real life minion on stage as the DC crowd crouch and jump back up! Their rep is certainly loud and clear! Rather loud to say the least, we did say they could be underdogs! That was indeed rather entertaining, minions are piping down now…

ELVYN’S turn and their representative has a shield. A quiet start but they’re livening up. These Avengers are certainly not shy and clearly think they’re the “winning hall”! We shall see! their representative knows how to own that stage- jumping, running galloping?

RUTHERFORD cheerleaders, the girls starting followed by the boys, noisy and amusing. Good job with the cross dressing Rutherford, your representative looks fabulous! Pom poms in the air, an interesting variety of high pitched and loud chants! Loud claps and screams to end.

Finally, RIGG RUT are here! Nice beret. Starting a revolution? Considering they’re a smaller hall, they’re still loud, the jumping around is helping considerably. An intriguing chant at the end….

LWOW chant louder than Heat One! Winners announced soon…

Halls dispersing to various rooms in the union before we welcome Heat Three!

Heat Three

The final five halls are currently entering Room One: Bakewell, Bill Mo, Cayley, Butler Court and Royce. And, the opening montage plays again, the crowd are loving it! Exec are back- expressionless. Followed by lots of jumping and screaming! Jess Excell welcomes the final five halls.

BAKEWELL starting with their representative starting on the Room One balcony- different! He’s also dressed as a Greek God as well as being painted red and black. Less derogatory chants, more about their own hall! They were loud!!


BILL MO here now and they are instantly louder it seems! Girls have separate chants in parts, their representative is in a partial suit. Girls and boys jumping up and down in turn! And…the jacket is off!

CAYLEY are up, and their hall is basically on the floor. Their rep has started on the stairs, a loud start!! Classic 90s outfit- lovely dungarees. Cannot fault them, they’re loud and very keen!

Well BUTLER’S representative isn’t wearing much! He starts the chants alone, very loud indeed, although perhaps the whole hall are a tad quieter than some of the others…

I take that back, getting louder. The whole hall dropped to the floor, and now a very loud ending! Butler ’til they die!

And finally, we have ROYCE, he’s not wearing much either, but it is hot in here…Individual chants from the crowd as well as their representative. Singing as well as chanting. Oh, a little mistake there? Vuvuzelas were present and VERY loud!

Completing Heat Three with the classic LWOW chant! Louder than ever!


Heat One:

Winners- Telford

Runners Up- Faraday

*Falk Egg officially disqualified*

Heat Two:

Winners- Elvyn Richards

Runners Up- Towers

*Rigg Rut disqualified for disrupting other halls*

Heat Three:

Winners- Bill Mo

Runners Up- Bakewell

Uruguayan Rugby Team at The Sing Off- Till Sieberth
Uruguayan Rugby Team at The Sing Off- Till Sieberth

The finalists are flooding in! Six halls coming! Telford are back, are they set to win again?

**The Uruguayan Rugby Team are watching the Sing Off live from Room One!**

-Bakewell giving a very loud start- possibly a better performance than in their heat!

-Bill Mo have also upped their sound and their representative seems to be really throwing himself into it!

-Next up is Faraday who are wild before even starting! Their tops are off and in the air!

-Elvyn are back and their representative is louder and more confident than before! He knows how to use the stage!

-Telford put on another good show! The ones to beat?

-Towers are back and the representative is louder as are the whole hall!

All over, who will be crowned champions?

Atmosphere in here is ELECTRIC!


The representatives are taking to the stage from the 6 halls.

3rd place: TELFORD

2nd place: ELVYN

And the winners are: BILL MO

That completes your Sing Off 2015! Congratulations to all who competed!

Bill Mo win
Bill Mo

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 -Katie Wilson, Label Editor

Photography by Ushandan Kirupalaratnam


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