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Label have put together a hall profile/ article for every hall in Loughborough. We’ve included the basics, what size the hall is, how big their committee is and more. However, more importantly, we’ve added in quotes, gathered from Hall Committee members, to help show you as freshers, what the hall really has to offer. Click here to see more Hall Profiles!

Faraday is a hall made up of a number of individual housing blocks which are conveniently situated in the centre of the student village; an excellent location which is close to the library, the purple onion (student shop), as well as being a five minute walk away from the Union. It houses 369 students, with a good mix of both freshers and returners.

Faraday Pre Sing Off
Faraday Pre Sing Off

Faraday is a great hall to live in, as it is a very sociable and welcoming place. This is aided by the friendly face of the warden, Clare Pinchess, winner of the “Warden of the Year” award at last years Loughborough Experience Awards (and her cats Pippa and Frank, who are regular visitors to student rooms). The fact that it is a catered hall enables the entirety of the hall to socialise for all meals during weekdays. There are kitchens provided in each block for residents to cook at weekends. This mix between catered and self-catered is an excellent choice, as it allows some independence in learning to cook for yourself, yet there is also the choice of a pre-prepared meal to go and enjoy with friends. When moving away from home for the first time, there are a number of daunting tasks to get to grips with, therefore, only having to cook at the weekends takes some of the pressure off.

Another thing which makes living in Faraday such an incredible experience is the eighteen member strong committee, who work hard throughout the year organising a wide range of events from hall socials, to charity events, sporting events and even a FIFA competition. Particular highlights during the past academic year have been the Christmas and Summer balls; Grace Dieu high table, and the end of year BBQ/ fun day, appropriately named FaraDay.

Faraday is not only known for its great socials, but also its success in sport. Every year there is an inter hall sporting competition named IMS, which involves over forty different sports played throughout the year. This year, Faraday defeated every other hall to take top place, and win the IMS trophy; this has been our sixth IMS victory in the last seven years.

These combining factors all led to Faraday being awarded second place for the Hall of the year awards this year. To sum up Faraday Hall in a sentence:

“Faraday is a sporty and social hall which readily welcomes all students to be a part off.” -Sherrii Kapadia, FREEC rep.

Faraday is a hall where you can really throw yourself into anything, without the fear of being “too keen”. Faraday has a competitive hall spirit, strongly rivalling Royce hall, as you’ll find out during freshers. The infamous “sing- off” is where you’ll really get a chance to show how much you already LOVE your hall, despite having been there just a few days. No doubt Faraday Hall Chair, Tom Allitt will be keen to rise to the top of the sing- off charts this year!

With alumni including last years Union President, Rob Whittaker, and 2013-14 VP Democracy and Communications, Hannah Chrisp, it is clear that many BNOC’s were raised in Faraday. Perhaps you’ll join them..?

Twitter: @FaradayHall

 Ellie MacKenzie- News Editor and ex- Faraday resident

Photography courtesy of Faraday Hall Media


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