For those of you who do not already know me, I am Jessie Downs, and am campaigning to be your next VP College. During my two years at university I have dedicated all my free time to getting involved with LSU. I have been a programme rep, an active member of my hall committee, a committed member of action, raising £3,000 for Loughborough rag, and am also a member of numerous societies. My involvement in this diverse range of union sections has given me an essential insight into the union as a whole, and the knowledge I have acquired from my experiences equips me with the skills to represent Loughborough College in the best possible way. If elected I aim to:Jessica Downs

 Increase participation of college students in all union sections.

Increase correspondence with the college in order to determine their interests.

Create events specifically for college students in action/rag/media. Advertise events to all college students through newsletters and social media.

 Place greater emphasis on key employability skills.

Include a list of employability skills gained from each event alongside the event details to assist with job and university application processes.

 Increase media coverage of college events.

Encourage college students to take responsibility in the media production process.

 Increase recognition of college students’ achievements.

Create awards for involvement within LSU. Furthermore, I will promote college students’ work within the local community, such as having a college showcase involving as many students as possible.

Vote Jessie for VP College!


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