Hi I’m Jack McShane. In my time at Loughborough I’ve tried to make the most of what the Union has to offer me and I’ve had an amazing as part of an AU Sports club, part of a society and regularly involved with IMS. However, I feel a few changes could be made to make the Jack McShaneLoughborough Experience better for College students in the future. If elected I would:

– Create, support and develop a fully functioning student committee: Work with the Exec team to provide training to the new committee. I believe a committee that works with optimum efficiency will help to improve awareness of Union activities for College students and in turn increase participation.

– Give the VP College position a face: Make time to walk around college and speak to students face to face. This would allow me to make sure students are aware of what the students union has to offer as well as get their true thoughts and feelings about their course and any other concerns they may have.

– Bring the Union to the College: The union runs a huge number of events on the University campus but more needs to be done across the road at the college. The College has a large number of FE students who might not need to go on to Campus but still deserve to benefit from what the Union has to offer.

Vote Jack McShane!


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