Hi! I’m Jess Excellence and I’m running to be your next Union President. If elected, I would:

 Improve Student Representation

  • Student Forum is an open space for students to review the union. Currently the Jess Excellrepresentation is uneven and as a result, discussions are always orientated around a limited student demographic. I want to effectively advertise and encourage all students to attend Student Forum so they can play an active part in developing their Student Experience.

Work to develop and redesign the Students Union building

  • As a leading University, with an award winning Student Experience and some of the best sections in the country, our Union building needs to be iconic to reflect that. I suggest that we redesign the Union in an open plan structure, and include the core services, such as the careers service, in this building.

Ensure Education is put first

  • Alongside VP Education, I would work to ensure students continue to receive their exam timetables earlier. In addition, with the University wanting to use new technologies in teaching, I want to continue to push for all lectures to be available on lecture capture, alongside the Head of E-Learning

Campaign to improve student life in town

  • Loughborough students are paying 36pc more for accommodation than non-students in similar housing in town, due to landlords setting higher premiums and similarly, students in town have to pay to get the bus onto campus. I will campaign to reduce prices, in order to improve every student’s experience.

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