I would like the role of VP College at Loughborough Students Union as I would love to get the students at Loughborough College involved in events at the student union. I am very keen to get the college students more involved in freshers week, including promoting the sober Ellis Jarvisactivities to the FE students. In the past, freshers week with college students and the Gables halls of residence has been somewhat under par in comparison to the university halls of residence’s freshers plans. However if I get the role of VP College I plan to make freshers activities for college students more involved with the university halls of residence and better for everyone. By communicating effectively with the college students and the students union I plan to get the college students more involved with RAG, Action and IMS activities as I feel they are partly what makes up the great student experience in Loughborough. I can see myself being an effective member of staff which students can discuss any problems with, of which I can feedback to the appropriate staff member if needed. With the students union being home to the athletic union and many societies and clubs I would be happy to promote and work for a place which can provide fun for everyone.


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