Label Culture meet up with Tolly Coburn, one of the actors featuring in brand new play A.D.A.M – The Modern Frankenstein, by Lewis Aaron Wood.



Who do you play in A.D.A.M- The Modern Frankenstein?

Victor Stone

Tell us a bit about Victor. Did you find him easy to relate to?

It has been a difficult process as Victor is very different from myself and any character I have ever played. He has OCD and is a world renowned child prodigy, so he is very different from myself!

What drew you to audition for the role of Victor? Have you done any dark plays like this in the past?

It is a very well written adaptation and the script is what drew me in. The character of Victor excited me too which is why I auditioned for the role.

Did you do any research to prepare for the role?

I did a lot of research on OCD and how it affects people. I watched a few documentaries and interviews with those affected which helped me develop the character.

Do you have a particular method that helps you to get into character before a performance?

Usually I focus on one thing which can help me get into character, for this role it’s standing in a perfect stance, and then being pushed and having to start again. By focusing solely on this it helps me get into character.

Have you worked with Saskia or Lewis before? How have they been as directors?

I have worked with them a number of times before but not in this capacity. It has been a pleasure working under very talented people.

Rehearsals can often be long and time consuming but actors always come out with great stories and good memories from them. What was the best part of this process for you?

Nothing brings you closer to people than being part of a rehearsal process, so the friends you make along the way is the best part.

How are you feeling about your first performance this week? Have the nerves kicked in yet?

I don’t get nervous really, the preparation has been perfect so I’m confident, which is a credit to Lewis and the team.

That is great that you are feeling confident about it. Are there any particularly funny or scary bits to keep an eye out for?

Well, there’s a pretty good Godfather impression chucked in there… but the individual performances are really strong across the cast, so I am looking forward to the reactions and what interpretations the audience come out with.

I am really looking forward to coming to see the play. Just incase there are still a few people out there undecided about coming to watch, what is your top reason for us to come and watch A.D.A.M. – The Modern Frankenstein? Can you sum it in one sentence?

It’s a fantastic and unique play with a great cast and an opportunity to see a fantastic adaptation of such a well-known story. It has much to offer with a unique plot and topical themes.

That sounds convincing enough to me! Thank you so much for your time. Break a leg!

Isobel Warner


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