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Today, you may be voting for the first time. As students, this is most likely your first opportunity to speak out and have your say in a General Election. You may have previously voted in a local election, but in case you’re unsure of what to do, here are some answers to some common voting questions: 

Do I have to take my polling card?

No, your polling card is simply there for your information. On it you will find where your polling station is. (If you didn’t register to vote, you won’t have one and won’t be able to have your say today).

How do I find my polling station?

Not sure where the address is? Get it up on Google! On campus students can vote in the Keith Green building, near DC. Check the video to help you find this! Look out for the big signs saying POLLING STATION!Polling_station_6_may_2010

Do I need to prove who I am?

No, simply tell the people at the polling station where you live and your name. They will make a note that you have voted and hand you your voting slip!

X marks the box:

Put your X in one box next to the party/ local candidate of your choice. DO NOT write in more than two boxes.

You will also be given another Council Elections sheet, you can choose TWO candidates on this sheet.


Fold up you slips of paper, post in the ballot box and you’re done!

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