If the answer is yes, or even just a maybe, the Royal Opera House is offering the perfect opportunity with their FREE Student Standby scheme. If you are interested in the arts, love dance or Opera or simply want to try something new, the scheme will give you access to diverse world class performance at amazing discounted prices!

If you aren’t into the more classical arts, you will be delighted to know that the ROH also have lots of amazing Contemporary and Hip Hop dance events on, such as ZooNation’s recent ‘The Mad Hatters Tea Party’- a twist on the classical Alice in Wonderland Fairytale, as well as new comical Opera’s such as ‘Anna-Nicole’ which features pole dancing!

The Royal Opera House student scheme has been thriving recently, with students across the country taking advantage of the FREE sign up and all the perks that comes with it! Just a few weeks ago here in Loughborough, one lucky student at the LSU Dance Competition won a backstage pass to the ROH alongside a free world premiere ballet performance! There is so much you can gain!

Some Privileges ROH Students get when they sign up include last minute standby tickets for £10, student tickets from as little as £1 (Yes you are seeing that correctly!) and dedicated student performances with FREE BEER and Selfie booths! Surprised?! Well then don’t miss out! As long as you have a valid student ID and an email address, you can sign up for FREE here: http://www.roh.org.uk/for/students .

The Royal Opera House has also recently introduced a new 2 for £10 student deal for Live Cinema relays! This is perfect for all of us in Loughborough as it means no expensive trains down to London, yet we still get to see the amazing productions at the Odeon in town. Recently Swan Lake was a massive hit with students in Cinema’s and equally at the dedicated student Amphitheatre performance at the Opera House. It’s safe to say us students can make some noise during a curtain call!

To get more insights and information on the latest student deals, give our ROH Loughborough Facebook page a ‘like’: https://www.facebook.com/ROHLoughborough or follow us on twitter: @ROHLoughborough.

Hannah Redfern


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