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Katrina Goddard

On Monday, the Queen, for the 12th time, dissolved Parliament on the request of PM David Cameron. This marks the official start of the General Election campaign.

Of course, this is all just symbolism. Since the introduction of the Fixed Term Parliament Act in 2011, the date of this year’s general election has been well known, and for many the general election campaign has been occurring for months, or even years- some of us have already had canvassers visiting, or leaflets delivered. Nonetheless, David Cameron still had to make the journey to Buckingham Palace, to seek an audience with the Queen, to ask her to end the current Parliament. Due to this new Fixed Term Parliament Act, she doesn’t actually have the power to do so, instead this is decided by the PM, so really this is just more symbolism.

However, the Queen still does have the power to send out a proclamation summoning a new Parliament. This sets off the tradition of the London’s common crier and the sergeant-of-arms, standing on the steps of the Royal Exchange, dressed in ceremonial robes, reading out this proclamation.

Tradition and symbolism aside, Monday marked the start of the General Election, as the political parties begin fighting it out, particularly in the marginal seats (as Loughborough is) for your vote. This means even more speeches, door knocking, leaflets, battle buses and more celebrity endorsement than a candidate for VP Sport could dream of- we’ve already seen David Tennant and Martin Freeman appear on a Labour Party political broadcast, whilst Kate Hopkins has promised she’ll leave the UK if Ed Miliband becomes PM.

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