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With a general election on the horizon, Loughborough Students’ Union are very keen to get as many Loughborough students registered to vote as possible. Rob Whittaker, Union President, has been pushing this campaign for the last few days. If you’re a student living in town, you may have received a pint of milk on Tuesday morning, playing on the slogan of ‘Whatever milk floats your vote – it matters!’ 

Label caught up with Rob, who said:

“We are pushing a campaign to encourage our students to register to vote. Our students make up a huge proportion of Loughborough as a constituency and it is important their voice is heard. I have been working hard and very closely with the council to make it as easy as possible for our students to register to vote. I am delighted with the campaign so far, with thousands of our students registering each day this week.”

Why you should vote!
Why you should vote!

Students love freebies, but the most important message is that we should all take just a few minutes to register to vote. Without registration, you will sacrifice your right to have your say in the election, taking place on 7th May – whilst we’re at university! Registration to vote closes on Monday 20th April.

Taking a few minutes this week will ensure that you don’t forget during the Easter break and will enable you to voice your opinion in May. If you fail to register, you actually risk being fined £80 by the council – something which we could all do without!

The next important thing after registration is making sure you are able to make an informed choice. With televised political debates coming up as well as coverage in the press and online, you have all the information that you need to make the choice that is right for YOU!

May 7th is a serious date for your diary and is in the second week back in Loughborough after Easter. In the last elections, low percentages of students voted, shown in the poster to the right. With 40% of Nanpantan being the highest voting area, this is a huge disappointment and something that can most certainly be improved upon.

To register, head over to where Rob and the rest of LSU have made it easier than ever to register. All that is required is a click of a button.

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