The hype of Exec Elections is very nearly over. Many of you may breathe a sigh of relief at this prospect- but we’re not quite there yet. Voting for your favourite candidates is set to open on March 2nd and will close at 16:00 on Wednesday March 4th.

Some of you may be so annoyed with the chaos that surrounds campaign time that you have lost all interest- don’t. The next few days are the most crucial time as the votes are what it’s really all about. If you are one of the people who doesn’t believe in sparing five minutes to air your views via the LSU website to cast your vote- you may well regret it next year. It is paramount that you understand the system and vote for your favourites. You may be disappointed if they don’t win, but at least you’ll have done your bit. If you don’t vote at all and are then disappointed by the outcome- you did absolutely nothing to change it.

The candidates who you believe will take the role and run with it, those who you believe will improve everyone’s student experience and the Union as whole, are the people who need your votes in the next few days. Many opinion polls have been present on the LSU Media website, providing us with a vague outline of what the outcome could be come Hey Ewe this Wednesday when results will be announced- and you can still join in. No doubt there will be many celebratory drinks amongst winning candidates and their campaign teams, alongside another group of people inevitably drowning their sorrows. At most, half of the candidates currently running will have their hard work of the last week rewarded with a position on Exec, whilst the other half set to continue their studies or look elsewhere for Graduate Employment.

However, none of these outcomes are possible without a strong turn out of voters- from you, the Loughborough Students. Whether you’re a self- confessed supporter of RON, a first year with very little clue as to what is happening, or a very keen student preparing to cast votes at 00:01 on 2nd March, all of your opinions count. You really do not need to have made up your mind yet. With voting open until Wednesday afternoon, the last few days of campaigning could sway your vote either way. A fresh batch of cupcakes could be exactly what you need on Tuesday afternoon in James France, but do not let the freebies decide your vote.

Campaign time is simply there to grab your attention. It’s a great idea to actually get to know and understand what each candidate genuinely believes in. Their manifestos can be found in video form on the LSU Media website and written versions are also available to view on the LSU website when voting. If there are one or two whom you are unsure of, check out their ideas and see what really matters to you. Don’t be swayed by the opinions of your friends and the campaign teams that they may have been on- make up your own mind. We are all here to experience university as a whole, but ultimately YOUR SAY is something that could change the results completely- and even change what sections you get involved in next year…


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