On 23rd February 2015, Room One saw the first of the Exec Election Bubble Debates. The evening was hosted by Nina Blissett on stage and Dave Thompson in the crowd, talking to the panel and sharing social media interactions. Nina brought us an introduction to the evening and we were also introduced to the panel; Sarah Haar- Ex- VP Action, Axelle Savary- Butler Court Hall Chair, George Hones- former Rigg Rutt Hall Chair and Hamza Modi- involved in Action, Welfare and chair of Bakewell Hall. 

Rob Whittaker was first to be brought on stage, our current Union President, ready to speak with Bryn Wilkes, our current VP Media, who is rerunning for the role. Bryn was invited to give a 30 second speech about why he is rerunning. He said that it is of particular benefit as there is “no hand over period” and “I’m already doing a good job- why would we stop that?”.

Nina also read a statement from the RON Campaign. The statement said that it is “not a personal vendetta against Bryn” and that the “long term aim is to stop people being on exec for more than one term”. It “will send real shock waves through the union council”.

Rob Whittaker questioned on behalf of LSU Media: how has the new staff structure affected LSU Media?

Bryn: It is always was going be a learning process- learn and adapt going along. It is a long term progression for volunteers.

Sarah Haar: How have you implemented cross platforming?LSU_9011

Bryn: The new website is now driven by content sections and is not segmented by sections of Media.

Rob Whittaker: What do you see as major challenges in media for the next year?

Bryn: We need to nail a training plan. We have brought in a big change with 2 staff members. We also need to train volunteers and log their training- this way everyone gets more out of it.

Dave -audience question: do you see the RON campaign as a benefit or a hindrance?

Bryn: It benefits our way, to their detriment. I haven’t left media in the lurch- look around!

George Hones: One of your points in last years manifesto was to bring in critical journalism- where has that got to?

Bryn: It is currently not at where I’d like it to be as the launch of website has delayed it. But it is something we’re working on. My favourite piece was however in a copy of Label- so it is out there.

Bryn appears to be confident in his campaign and answered all of the questions quickly. He knows his manifesto and the areas that need building on next year and believes that rerunning is to the benefit of the section of LSU Media. 


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