VP Union Affairs Liam Peoples has told Label Online that there are FOUR candidates who are currently receiving bans, and therefore are unable to take part in the poster dash and social media campaigning.

“The following candidates have received campaign bans following incidents of pre-campaigning: Charlie Staunton, Robyn Varley, Lauren Gough and Alex Williams. The bans for each of these candidates are full campaigning bans and will lift at 8am tomorrow morning (Monday 23rd Feb)”.

Charlie Staunton is running for the position of VP Finance and Commercial services, Robyn Varley is hoping to be your next VP Rag. Lauren Gough is one of the four candidates campaigning for VP Sport and Alex Williams is wanting to be voted VP Societies.

Will this ban affect these candidates chances, as they will miss out in initially garnering people’s attention? The social media campaigning has already begun, with invites to Facebook groups currently being shared, and Twitter accounts currently appearing over people’s feeds.

Label will be sure to keep you updated.

Charlie Staunton  Robyn Varley Lauren Gough  Alex Williams


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