Loughborough Women’s Basketball 1s vs Leeds Beckett 1s

4th February 2015


When first place Loughborough warmed up to face bottom place Leeds Beckett in the Premier North Division of the BUCS Women’s Basketball league at Sir David Wallace, everyone watching expected the home side to show their prowess and that is exactly what Loughborough’s ladies did.

Loughborough started the match with a strong period of attacking play and when a time out was called with just four minutes in, the home side led 16-2, having let Leeds Beckett into an attacking position and weakening their defence to allow them to score. This dominance continued through the rest of the quarter, and by the end of the first section of the game the home side had let their opponents score just twice more whilst racking up 17 more points of their own, the quarter ending with the score at 33-6.

Coming into the second period of play, Loughborough kept their defence strong, as well as using every opportunity they got to attack and gain a chance to shoot at the Leeds Beckett hoop. The hosts denied their guests in the minutes running up to when a time out was called. Loughborough did, however, collect a few more points for themselves, the scores lying at 43-6 as the time out was called. In the remaining four minutes before the half time break, Loughborough pushed on with their attack but this time letting Leeds Beckett score a few of their own. The score moved to 52-13 as the game went to half time.

Coming back from the break the hosts moved their attacking game forward once more, scoring ten more points before another time out was called, and letting Leeds Beckett score only one more basket before the game was paused. The score set at 62-15 at the time out. As the game reconvened, the home side continued to stay strong racking up 11 more points before the third quarter was out. Leeds Beckett scored once more themselves and the score moved to 73-18 as the game entered its final phase.

The fourth and final quarter saw 12 minutes of continuous play and some smooth passages of play from both teams. Leeds Beckett couldn’t capitalise of their possession scoring just one more three-pointer whereas the home side put away 18 more points seeing the score move to 91-21 as the game was brought to a close.

This strong win from Loughborough Women’s 1s puts them at the top of the Premier North table.


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