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What is AIESEC?

AIESEC is the world’s largest global platform for the youth to explore and develop their leadership potential and work aboard. We are a youth-led, non-political, and leadership development organisation run by students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education. AIESECers are actively engaged in the world issues, leadership and management.


The aim of AIESEC is to equip its members with a global awareness and leadership skills through volunteering around the world to gain experience in cultural differences and autonomy to live independently in a foreign country. You can immerse yourself into your favourite foreign culture and thus expand your cultural perspective on a global scale. Our ultimate vision: every member of AIESEC can have the power to change the world and make it a better place.

GoGlobal Programme

AIESEC offers an integrated programme for international volunteering and internship opportunities: ‘GoGlobal’. As an AIESEC exchange participant, you will be well-equipped with the essential cultural awareness and interpersonal communication strategy in a 6-8 weeks GoGlobal voluntary project. There are a wide range of paid or volunteering projects including environment, health, social enterprise, cultural and teaching all over the global. This year, we have 13 countries to offer – you can travel faraway to Thailand, Mexico and Brazil, influence and impact many living souls positively in a significant way, make lifelong friends and get a boost for your CV.

Sharing from Exchange Participant

Farhaan – Nottingham University – Romania

This 6-week-experience of teaching English in a local primary school was an absolute life changing experience for me. I have adopted activity-based teaching. Those primary students enjoyed it very much and they have succeeded in learning some basic phrases in English. This was a delightful experience to observe the great improvement from them.

Michelle – Nottingham University – Brazil

I went to Brazil for an environmental project for 8 weeks. I accepted a challenging task to promote the notion of conserving the Amazon rainforest. The task enabled me to go deep into the rainforest to explore the biodiversity of the rainforest and the exotic lifestyle of the natives. This experience was visionary in raising my environmental awareness of both our planet and our magnetic diversified ecosystem.
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