“How do you defeat terrorism? Don’t be terrorised”. —— Salman Rushdie

Indeed, we celebrate and cherish our rights to freedom of speech despite the alarming recent terrorist incidents such as Charlie Hebdo shooting, ISIS and Boko Haram. We’re tremendously proud of Loughborough students’ pursuit of political integrity and intelligence.

People  were very keen to express opinions
People were very keen to express opinions

Monday evening, 9th February, the LSU Think Tank Society held a student-friendly debate on religious radicalisation and how to prevent youths from entering extremist groups in Room 1. The two-hour discussion event started at 7pm in a cyan, dimly lit setting. The event organisers were mainly ardent Politics and International Relations students who shared a great faith in creating a better and brighter world for mankind through developing policy ideas grounded on safer society, stronger economy and sturdier global equality. They provided an overview of terrorism as well as the geographical location of the terrorists groups and played an active role in raising specific questions on terrorism-related topics:

What provokes people to become terrorists? How are radical ideologies spread? Whose responsibility is it to put a halt to people joining terrorists groups? How effective are current measures in discontinuing radicalisation and terrorism?

They inspired and invited audience engagement in speaking out against religious radicalisation.

The interactive consciousness-raising debate involved the collaboration effort of sundry intellects including the chairs and representatives from culture societies (Hindu society, Islamic society), political societies (Debating society, Model United Nations) as well as warm-blooded students.

The students’ responses were remarkably candid and constructive. Their insightful remarks were rewarded with rapturous applause of their peers.

Many were passionate in their arguments
Many were passionate in their arguments

Every one of us deserves an equal opportunity to express and speak up for ourselves freely and liberally, whether you’re red, yellow, black or white, your belief is both respected and embraced in this safe haven of peace and harmony in Loughborough.

Keep yourself up-to-date with their inspiring weekly discussions and thought-provoking upcoming events in March!


Tyra Fontaine


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