Alice Priestley

Secret Santa is one of the main novelties of Christmas. It gives us the opportunity to treat all of our loved ones, with the thought being especially valued. By picking a name in your group at random, you are then set the challenge of finding the perfect gift.

The main crux is to keep those lips sealed. Though it’s difficult (and maybe more so for some than others!), when the time comes to give your present, the tense excitement will all be worth it.

Where people aren’t as familiar, such as in a work environment, this neat little idea works perfectly. People who maybe didn’t know each other so much before are inevitably brought closer together, as they begin to get to know each other more.

There really is no limit – you can go as all out or traditional as you wish, what really matters is the value of thought in what you give. From making your own personal present, to really pushing the boat out, Secret Santa is all about the fun.

But don’t worry – it doesn’t have to be expensive. By each settling on a budget the group is comfortable with, you can have quite a bit of fun with choosing the present. Because no one knows who their gift is from, you can make it really obvious by going all-out and cheesy!

Once everyone’s Secret Santa is revealed (and the burden of the secret-keeping lifted!), all the little stories behind the presents can be shared and laughed at.

As we all know, it’s the season of giving and sharing the love, so Secret Santa is that one little tradition that will never fail to complete Christmas. Remember – don’t spill the beans (or Brussel sprouts) and hold the secret in, no matter how much it hurts!


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