Eyes wearily open, highly sensitive to that little annoying stream of sunlight peering through the curtains, a sense of shame permeates your body and there is an undeniable stench of the last night’s chicken wings grease coated on your fingers: last night’s FND truly was a class night, but today you are paying the price for it.

You search the fridge and your cupboards, full or empty – you know that cooking in this physical and mental state is just not achievable. Thus you make the pilgrimage out to JC’s, hoping a Big Breakfast can dull the throbbing pain coursing through your head.

With the cash handed over, the meal is brought to your table within minutes. The aroma of greasy sausages and streaky bacon along with a collection of the usual Full English’s items, including chopped tomatoes, beans, fried eggs and the obligatory couple slices of toast, goes down an absolute treat.

Throw on top of the meal your choice of drink, be it hair of the dog for those that can digest a half pint of Carlsberg in such a state, or the safer options being coffee and orange juice, and the meal is complete.

Filling, cheap and at the most convenient of locations, the Big Breakfast truly lives up to its name.

You can try JCs’ Big Breakfast, yourself, every Saturday and Sunday from 12-3pm for £4.75.

Mike Silva


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