Ever wondered how to get that Barbie doll look? Well, now you won’t need to as designer Nickolay Lamm introduces us to a new proportional doll…

Not everyone feels great about the way they look. A lot of this is blamed quite generally on society and particularly the portrayal of models and some celebrities in the media. Insecurities probably stem right back to childhood toys alongside the images that are portrayed in the media. Recently, the iconic Barbie has received a dramatic makeover. We’ve all seen the photos circulating online showing us that the original Barbie doll was not in proportion with the average sized real- life woman and even the idea of how women might look if we were to look like Barbies, scary! The new doll is called ‘Lammily’, named after the designer. The doll is not yet available to buy although the designer does want to be able to sell to a wide audience in the future.

This is a great, innovative new project aiming to show girls from a really young age that average is beautiful. Society is always putting a lot of pressure on us to adhere to a certain look, usually slender and model- like. The gender stereotypes that we are subjected to throughout the whole of our lives means that we are rarely empowered, and new consumer goods such as these are a brilliant way of actually representing the way we look. Youngsters will no longer feel such a pressure to conform to the idealised media image if they are brought up knowing that it is okay to accept the shape that you are. In terms of society, this has the potential to have great positive impacts upon our younger generations, it’s a shame it did not happen sooner, but this action is good.

The new doll wears a lot less make up than the original Barbie that we all grew up with. She also has joints that actually move, much more fun, I’m sure! As for Action Man or even Ken, there is yet to be a reinvention, but surely it’s only a matter of time..?

Katie Wilson

‘Start a body revolution!’

How do you feel about your body and how does it affect you day to day? Whether it be struggling through an extra 10 minutes in the gym the day after a takeaway, or not wearing your favourite outfit because you don’t like how it looks on your tummy; it can make you feel down about yourself. Our aim for The Body Campaign is to get more people focusing on what they love about themselves, rather than those little bits we would like to change.

So many people, especially during their adolescence, feel pressure to conform to a particular idolised image shown in the media. There is an unnecessary focus on the “perfect” body; to be slim with flawless skin and big boobs. But in reality we come in all shapes and sizes, and that diversity is something that should be celebrated, not discouraged.  This is, of course, true for the lads as well as the girls. Particularly in the sport-orientated atmosphere in Loughborough, there is somewhat of an expectation for guys to be fit with huge biceps, spending their time doing weights at the gym. With a constant bombardment of celebrity diets, critical comments and photos of those who gain a few pounds, it’s no wonder that we all have moments of insecurity. Such pressures can result in all sorts of serious mental and physical issues which can be avoided if we love the body that we have!

Our aim during the *next few weeks* is to change the way we see our bodies. Seeing ourselves in a positive light can help us to feel more open and allow us to spend time doing the things that we enjoy. The Body Campaign team will be running activities in the union and on nights out, encouraging people to think about the things they love about their body and the qualities they possess beyond their physical appearance. And since a simple compliment can make someone’s day, we are therefore hoping to hand around ‘compliment’ cards with the intention that if you receive one, you pass it on and we start a chain reaction of happy days!

This is a great project for everyone to be involved in, and it will only take a few seconds of your time. You’ll feel great about yourself and brighten someone else’s day at the same time!

Steph Noble

Look out for “The Body Campaign” Team around campus during the day and for our first campaign night at FND on 21st March!


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