On a morning where students in the piazza were still reeling from last night’s controversy in the elections where candidate Aceman, seemingly poised to win based on preliminary polls, was shockingly nipped in the bud by ‘yesman’ Rob Whitaker, Canadian alternative rock band ‘Your Favorite Enemies’ delivered a punchy but powerful acoustic set.   

The Coffee House Tour so far has seen acts of varying levels trod up and down the UK, with unsigned artists often trying to make their name through this platform, on a relentless touring schedule. The tenacity and chaos of the touring schedule is part and parcel of life on the road, being an un-established artist trying to make a name however, is not a problem YFE face. Their song, ‘Open your Eyes’ has reached around a half million hits on Youtube, they have earned critical acclaim from Billboard Magazine, and with over 30,000 sales on their debut album which was released on their own label Hopeful Tragedy Records, they have truly made an impact in Alternative Rock music today.

With both guitarists donning the most metal of beards, arms covered in tattoos one would expect a set that matched the look, something heavy, however the music was far from it. Acoustics in hand, the guitarists delivered a performance that was delicate and emotional. The emotion in the music reflects in the band’s purpose, as Your Favorite Enemies is a band that fights for social justice, being supporters and benefactors of Amnesty International, and RED among other notable causes.      

Their music is engaging to say the least but well balanced, as riffs were ricocheted back and forth between the two guitarists in a call and response sort of way. In between songs, singer Alex Foster, was open to the crowd as he discussed the fear and overall toughness of touring the road, but kept the vibe lighthearted as he constantly joked about the guitarist, Jeff Beaulieu.

The singer talked about how acoustic sets are stripped down, and how they’re perfect opportunities for an artist to share what’s in his heart and soul, and Your Favorite Enemies truly delivered on this promise.

Mike Silva


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