‘NekNomination’ Pints

It is clear that the most current craze, ‘NekNomination’, is the worst drink to ruin your health and in some circumstances, your life. Videos of individuals creating drinks filled with excessive amounts of alcohol, to make the ‘dirtiest’ pint, flooded Facebook newsfeeds. It wasn’t long before this trend started to reach the headlines, detailing two suspected deaths as a result of completing their nomination. This lesson is extreme and horrifyingly tragic, but surely this is an indication of how lethal alcohol can be?


Cocktails are the next contender in my top five worst drinks. Although they are evidently not as deadly as a dirty pint, they are certainly not good for your health. They contain a very high amount of sugar and with the extra added alcohol, the taste is rather wonderful, but realistically you would not want to make a regular habit of drinking them. Fortunately, as students, our financial issues are sure to prevent this occurring.

Marketed ‘Healthy’ Juices

My third worst drink are the marketed ‘healthy’ juices, which in terms of sugar, often prove worse for you than a relatively large amount of your favourite chocolate bars or Krispy Kreme donuts. Due to the lack of fibre in these drinks, we absorb this sugar very quickly; so although the label may suggest that you’re drinking one of your five a day, be wary that you may consume your whole sugar intake during the process (how annoyingly deceiving!).   


Coffee is a further student necessity which I believe should enter this list. It is incredibly easy to lose count of the cups we drink each day and you certainly do become reliant upon it during deadline week. This can easily cause an addiction and when trying to cut down on intake, withdrawal symptoms, such as headaches and loss of focus certainly do not make it any easier to break away from the caffeine. So although it has great benefits, coffee is a drink to be aware of!

Fizzy Drinks

Fizzy drinks are at the bottom of my worst drinks to ruin your health list. Everyone is aware of the damage these drinks can do to your teeth with their excess sugar. If you were scarred during primary school watching the egg shells discolour after being soaked in the sugary substances, this memory certainly reminds you to avoid consuming excessively.

These drinks are all notably bad for you. However, with the exception of the ‘NekNomination’, which should be avoided at all costs, drinking them in moderation is certainly the way to continue enjoying a naughty, but nice beverage.

Natalie Monaghan


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