Welcome to Label Online's Exec Elections Live Reveal!

Piazza is filling up as everyone awaits the arrival of the candidates

Hannah Chrisp and her Elections team have taken to the balcony, not long now till the reveal

The Live Reveal has officially begun

First up: Societies President

Christopher Briggs

Sophie Farley

Second: Rag Chair

Danni Hitchins

David Edwards

Third: Head of Media

Bryn Wilkes

Josh Reynolds

Tom Traies

AU President

Martha Riggs

Steffan Lloyd


Phil Jenkins

Welfare and Diversity

George Bollands

Natasha White

Zoe Mumba

Finance and Commercial Services

Dan Thomas


Army Ward

Democracy and Communications

Liam Peoples

Union President

Rob Whittaker

Last but not least Tommy Allen

These are your candidates for Elections 2014!

Campaigning starts NOW!


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