Fate is a cruel mistress indeed. Weeks after the saddening death of Fast and Furious star Paul Walker due to a car crash, we are informed that once-teen-sensation Justin Bieber has somehow escaped the clutches of death after a drunk and drug fuelled drag race.

The fact that #WeStillSupportYouJustin is trending on twitter shocks one to the very core, are his fans seriously supporting someone that could have harmed others while driving under the influence?  

Bieber has had a fall from grace that most have been waiting for. In this tumultuous path of stupidity Bieber has had his monkey Mally detained by German Customs, he broke up with Disney star turned actress Selena Gomez and moreover the news that he has been participating in less than legal activities in shady alleys with promiscuous ladies is certainly in the public eye. However he showed the world over that he’s not all bad as news of his overdue retirement was greatly received.

What’s more irritating is that his mugshot is one of the most arrogant I’ve ever seen. A clear message that he seems almost happy about his dangerous actions. It could be warranted if he had only done something that affected him, but to risk the health of others is unacceptable, no matter how much your ‘music’ has made.

The pre-pubescent teenagers for whom he delivers clichéd four-chord song one after the other are blindly following him, immune and oblivious to the liability that he is. I’ll leave Bieber with one piece of advice with the route he’s going down, don’t drop the soap mate.   

Mike Silva


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