Two people were arrested in Merton, Leicestershire, in connection with a suspected arson attack at the home of a mother and her four children, who fled the blaze during the early hours of New Year’s Day.

 A woman in Merton Mowbray had to flee her home with her four children, carrying the baby whilst the older children were able to escape themselves. The fire began via a suspected arson attack during the early hours of the January 1, as many were still out celebrating the New Years.

Neighbours report seeing the mother of four leaving the home, as the fire spread, ‘screaming, with a baby in her arms’. She was then held back by neighbours as she tried to return to the home in order to retrieve her older children, who had already left the home. Fire fighters arrived at 3.20am, where they entered the home believing the children to still be inside, instead rescuing the family Jack Russell, who then was revived outside the home, by the fire-fighters using oxygen. A fire service spokesman told the Leicester Mercury: ‘At first we had reports that people were unaccounted form but it soon became clear that no-one was missing’.

Following the incident, forensics experts were called to the home yesterday in order to examine the premises in order to find the cause of the fire. Following this a police spokesman has confirmed that two people were arrested and detained for questioning in connection to the blaze.

Thankfully no one was injured in the incident and the family are now staying with neighbours near the site of the fire. 

Katrina Goddard


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